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Forwarding LLM adoption

Secure and compliant use of LLM technology trained on your data. Your software. Your rules.

Join the community in shaping the future of language model deployment.


Understand in 60 seconds

Watch this video of our AI assistant 'Jimmy' explain exactly what Reins offer your organization.



Unlimited embedding

Reins lets you upload and automatically embed any custom dataset and/or real time data. No matter the size.


GDPR compliant for your night sleep

Reins middlelayer handles and encrypts all personal data and IP adresses for ethical and secure use.


API supported​, for your developers

Reins is fully API supported meaning it can render data through an API, but also send data back to your preferred database


Intuitive interface for getting started quickly. 

Reins offers a simple intuitive interface to setup agents, spin up multiple and seperate  instances and started with embedding your content.


LLM Agnostic 

GPT, Llama, Bard, Grok, PaLM, Falcon etc. There are a lot of strong language model out there. let's you choose whichever you see most fit for your project, still offering unlimited embedding and GDPR safe use.


Build anything.

A chatbot? A digital assistant? Dynamic website? A Market Analysis Tool? Learning tools? Content creation helper? Automation tool? However you can imagine using LLM technology, we suggest building that software on a reins backbone to work around token-limit and to keep things GPDR compliant. 

Ready to start a 14 day free trial? 

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